Belfast City Airport is the closest airport to the city of Belfast. This is the airport that full service carriers use due to this fact. Low cost carriers use Belfast International which is miles away.

British Airways operate a lounge at this airport. This is available to Club Europe passengers as well as Gold and Silver Executive Club members and their oneworld equivalents.

Lounge Arrival

Once you pass through security screening, you follow the signs to the lounge area. This features the British Airways lounge and a little further on the Aspire lounge. Toilets are located in the corridor between the two lounges and are therefore shared.

In common with many British Airways lounges the outside is navy blue. Inside, a man at a small podium checked my ticket and allowed me access to the lounge. As it was quiet, he then went to sit down over on the lounge chairs.

Belfast City Lounge

Essentially one big rectangle, the lounge is divided into sections using the food serving area along with different kinds of seating. There are single arm chairs arranged in pairs down either side of the lounge, while the centre features tables for dining.

Right at the very back of the lounge is a long table designed for working which was occupied throughout my visit. Overall the design is functional and comfortable enough for an hour’s wait before a flight.

Belfast City Lounge Dining

Early morning departures mean a breakfast spread and it is average at best. There is fruit in the form of apples, oranges and bananas along with a choice of breakfast cereal.

Unfortunately the pastry selection lets the side down. The items are extremely large and cheap looking and when I tried one the taste matched. The croissant is terrible – it’s not crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – it’s total stodge. Yuck!

Happily the porridge is quite nice so I would recommend having that if you visit in the morning. There are also the usual cookies crisps and trail mix.

A coffee machine will provide you with your caffeine fix and of course there are alcoholic drinks available. These are self-service and feature red wine, white wine, Grey Goose vodka, Johnny Walker Red label, Southern Comfort and more.

The Best Surprise Of All

There is a single aerobridge at this airport and it is right next to the lounge. Boarding is announced in the lounge and you board directly from the lounge to your aircraft.

This is a fantastic feature which add a really nice touch to the whole process. Direct boarding from the lounge is a rare thing and usually reserved for things such as Concorde so it’s nice to see it here.

Overall Thoughts

Convenience is the name of the game at Belfast City Airport. The lounge is a pleasant space to spend up to an hour however I would not arrive any earlier as it is nothing special. The food selection is okay, the wireless Internet is fast and the staff keep the place clean.

The real feature is boarding straight from the lounge which I think is just great. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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