Disclaimer: This letter is a work of fiction and is addressed to the travel industry as nature takes a much needed break from travel and travelers


Dear Travel Industry,

I hope you’re taking stock of the situation. I wrote multiple letters prior to this. However, nobody from the travel industry answered. I made subtle pleas by showing my signs of distress. However, I heard nothing in return. I tried sharing my plight with everyone through what humans call ‘natural disasters’. However, nobody really took heed.

Let me reassure you that I’m always here to share my resources with all beings here on planet earth. However, I’m all about balance.

Planet v/s Profit

I was extremely pleased to dominate the front pages of your travel brochures. White sandy beaches, snow clad mountains, clear water rivers and what not. However, at one point I realized that our relationship started becoming a bit asymmetric.


travel industry

Image Credit: Unsplash


I offered you the planet so that you could explore. However, you kept taking in more resources and giving back less in return. The pendulum had swung way to far.

Restoring the Balance

As soon as crowds deserted popular spots, I showed you a glimpse of how nature can truly be beautiful. A sense of normalcy tended to return once the crowds left.

So, moving forward, instead of being in conflict, let’s be in unison and enjoy the fruits that I have to offer. Elements of nature are agnostic to things like race, gender or nationality. When nature sees a shift in balance, it makes amends to restore it.


travel industry

Venice takes a much needed breather (Image Credit: Unsplash)

The Way Forward

So, moving forward, I’d urge you to take your align your priorities so that we can all coexist. Profits are great for you and your shareholders. However, if nature is compromised and not taken care of, there will be no profits, no paying customers and no natural beauty left.

Every crisis is an opportunity to pause and reflect. This is an opportunity to rethink priorities and truly save resources, build thriving communities and give back to society. This is an opportunity to ensure that saving plastic or reducing waste is not just confined to marketing brochures, but instead is a concept that’s truly embedded into the industry’s corporate culture. After a much needed breather, I’m ready to welcome you again with open arms.

So let’s move from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption, from competition to coexistence and from exploitation to exploration.


Mother Nature


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