In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, many card issuers have swiftly made changes to their cards. Amex has been at the forefront as it has swiftly added new perks and credit. Similarly, Amex switched the Hilton Aspire $250 credit to include restaurant purchases till the end of this month. Here’s a quick recap of some of stories we covered this week.

$250 Amex Credit for restaurants ends next week!

Thanks to Amex’s recent changes, you could use the $250 resort credit with the Amex Hilton Aspire Card at restaurants from June 1 to August 31. If you don’t have any upcoming stays at Hilton this year, you can simply use the credit for restaurant purchases of food takeout services. This post highlights all the options that you have in case you still want to max out this $250 Amex credit.

$300 sign-up bonus with the Blue Business Plus Credit Card

In this post, I’ve highlighted the different ways in which you can get the best possible sign up bonus for a credit card. Card issuers often offer different types of bonuses in order to gauge customer interest in certain types of offers. With this bonus, you’ll earn a $300 statement credit after you make qualifying purchases at certain businesses in the first three months.

Citi paid out $900 Million accidentally due to clerical error

This story is truly bizarre. Citi apparently paid out $900 million to the creditors of Revlon Inc. While they were able to recoup some of the money, a fierce legal battle is on the horizon as Citi looks to settle the issue and end the massive embarassment.

Hawaii extends travel restrictions, once again

This announcement comes as no surprise. Many travel destinations are still figuring out the best response as case numbers surge. Hawaii announced that they won’t reopen to tourists at least until October.

Delta will continue blocking middle seats until 2021

Delta announced that it will continue to block middle seats for customers until January 6, 2021. This announcement comes in addition to touting their best in class safety standards in an email to customers. While this move is on expected lines, it will be interesting to see how airlines respond once customer demand picks up.


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