As the new week begins, here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered last week. Amex is set to remove a major benefit for their Gold Card very soon. At the same time, we’re seeing an easy offer to make an additional 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points.

The Amex Gold Card is losing its airline fee credit benefit

The Amex Gold Card is losing its $100 airline fee credit benefit. Existing cardholders will still be able to use the benefit till December 31, 2021. Starting 2020, the benefit will no longer be available. However, Amex hasn’t yet announced which benefit will replace the $100 credit.

Easy, spend $99, earn up to 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points

If you sign into Chase’s shopping portal, you may be targeted for the 7,500 points bonus. You simply have to purchase an annual membership to the Motley Fool in order to earn the points.

How to track Covid-19 travel restrictions before your next trip

Planning an international trip any time soon? Then refer to this handy resource that will help you track travel restrictions around the world. If you’re planning to book soon, then please refer to this resource before you book. You can simply click on a country on the map in order to see the current travel restrictions.

You may be overpaying credit card annual fees as travel continues to remain low

If you aren’t traveling right now and don’t plan to travel soon, how do you make sure you’re not overpaying annual fees on credit cards? This post highlights some of the factors that you need to take into consideration as you make the decision to keep, cancel or downgrade credit cards during this period.

When a reconsideration call took the most unexpected turn

I thought I’d seen it all, but this was one of the most crazy incidents. I’d never thought that I’d actually encounter something like this while making a reconsideration call to Chase.


The Points Pundit loves these newly relaunched Chase credit cards!

Firstly, they offer you a an intro 0% APR for the first 15 months after you’re approved for the card

Secondly, they have no annual fee and have a lucrative welcome bonus of $200 or 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points after you spend $500 in the first 3 months.

Moreover, you can earn up to 60,000 Ultimate Rewards bonus points in the first year if you maximize the bonus points categories.

They’re packed with brand new benefits and bonus points categories.

Overall, a great option to carry in your wallet for everyday spend!

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(Chase’s 5/24 rule may apply to these cards)


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