Day 6 (Friday) aboard Allure of the Seas arrived way too fast. Our cruise is officially winding down. But wait! We are on a back to back, so there’s another cruise yet to be savored! This week, it’s good to be Mr and Mrs MJonTravel!!!

Allure arrived Nassau at 10am, and for a brief moment, we considered getting off the ship to walk around Nassau. However, a brief stroll up to the pool deck put the kibosh on that option as we counted 3 other ships in port. By my public school educated math, Nassau’s population had just increased by roughly 15,000 people; all headed to the area between the dock and Senor Frogs. No thanks!

After an early lunch in the Windjammer, we made our way up to the pool deck where we found few crowds and plenty of chairs by the Beach Pool. Mrs MJonTravel read her book and I worked through several magazines that I’d collected in the last month but lacked the time to read. (Fortune, Money, Conde Nast Traveler, and Travel and Leisure just in case you’re curious. Now you know my primary interests in life!! J )

After several hours at the pool, we made our way to our stateroom to get ready for dinner in Samba Grill, Allure’s Brazilian steakhouse. By day, the space operates as the Solarium Bistro, one of our favorite ways of avoiding the Windjammer. By night, however, the Solarium Bistro is transformed into a Brazilian Churrascaria at sea.

My favorite thing about Samba Grill (aside from the wonderful service we received) was the salad bar. Very nicely done, and my favorite part of the meal actually. As I said, the service was great, but I found the quality of the meats served to be lacking. Please know that the meal wasn’t bad, it just didn’t live up to the expectations that had built up over the week in the other specialty dining venues. My favorite cut of meat was the filet, but even that didn’t seem great….merely good. I did not bring it up to the servers as I doubt there’s a lot they can do about it, but I will say it here. Samba Grill just didn’t measure up for meal quality, specifically, the quality of the meats served. I will say the chocolate dessert I enjoyed was excellent!

After our meal, we walked around a bit to let our food settle before winding up our evening at one of our favorite spots, Vintages Wine Bar, for a nightcap. A fitting end to another wonderful day aboard a ship that I am certain is about to be promoted to “MJonTravel most favored ship status,” Allure of the Seas.

Blogger’s Note: This post covers day 6 of 14 days aboard Allure of the Seas. At the completion of our back to back cruising adventure, I will summarize my thoughts in a final post, which will include links to each day’s blog, as well as many more photos and videos from the trip.