All three major alliances serve Dublin Airport, which was the 13th busiest facility in Europe in 2018, serving over 31 million passengers. Considering the population of Dublin is not much over 1 million people, it’s some feat!

Let’s have a look at each alliance, which airlines serve Dublin and to where. If you’re a frequent flyer, you should find this very useful information for accruing points and status.

Star Alliance

People flying with Star Alliance are spoiled for choice, with ten airlines serving Dublin. The network is decent, with service to Europe, Canada, USA and even to Africa.

Aegean Airlines – Athens (4 per week)
Air Canada – Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver (14 per week)
Croatia Airlines – Zagreb (3 per week)
Ethiopian Airlines – Addis Ababa, Madrid (4 per week)
Lufthansa – Frankfurt, Munich (49 per week)
SAS – Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm (20 per week)
Swiss – Geneva, Zurich (18 per week)
TAP – Lisbon (14 per week)
Turkish Airlines – Istanbul (14 per week)
United Airlines – Chicago, Newark, Washington (21 per week)

Of these, I have flown Lufthansa in business class which I enjoyed, and I have taken a flight to Stockholm with SAS on the new Airbus A320neo, which was fun!

SkyTeam, Smallest of the Alliances In Dublin

Just four SkyTeam alliance airlines serve Dublin, with Air France/KLM carrying the lions share, connecting Irish people to the world via the Amsterdam and Paris hubs.

Aeroflot – Moscow (7 per week)
Air France – Paris (28 per week)
Delta – Atlanta, Boston, New York (21 per week)
KLM – Amsterdam (40 per week)

Personally, I have taken the KLM service from Dublin to Amsterdam in business class. I found it quite a decent product, even if it was on a small regional jet!


The oneworld alliance has the highest proportion of members serving Dublin. These seven airlines represent over 50% of the alliance’s membership.

American Airlines – Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia (28 per week)
British Airways – London City, London Heathrow (82 per week)
Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong (4 per week)
Finnair – Helsinki (10 per week)
Iberia Express – Madrid (14 per week)
Qatar – Doha (11 per week)
S7 – Moscow (1 per week)

Being a devotee of this alliance, I have flown with most of the airlines listed above on multiple occasions. Along the way, I’ve had special experiences such as the all business class British Airways BA001 transatlantic flight, the second longest flight in the world with Qatar Airways and a pleasing business class flight with Cathay Pacific.

Overall Thoughts

No matter which of the alliances you’re a member of, you are well served out of Dublin. The two home grown carriers, Aer Lingus and Ryanair, carry the majority of people to and from the country.

There has been no news on Aer Lingus rejoining oneworld. If that comes to fruition, there will be many more flights and destinations for the Irish frequent flyer to tap into from an alliance perspective.

How well do the alliances serve your home airport? Are you surprised at the amount of service Dublin has? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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