Lufthansa business class within Europe is definitely a very good product. As the first airline to fly the Airbus A320neo, the product in this review is the most up to date offering at the airline.

After spending some time in the Toulouse lounge, I headed off to the gate. Business class passengers are called first and as the only passenger flying up front, I was first on board.

LH1101 – Toulouse to Frankfurt (TLS-FRA)
3 March 2019
Airbus A320neo – D–AINJ
Seat: Business Class 1A
Departure: 07:15 Arrival: 09:10

Three rows of business class were set up for today’s flight and I was in 1A. Since I was first to board, I had time to take a few pictures before everyone else arrived. It pays to hot foot it down the aerobridge sometimes, even this early in the morning.

Yellow lighting along the overhead bins add as very Lufthansa feel to the cabin ambiance. I quickly stowed my cabin bag and sat down, before taking some more pictures.

Lufthansa A320neo Business Class Cabin

Seats are upholstered in grey, with head rests featuring the Lufthansa logo. Middle seats are kept free and the head rest notes this is your space, in both English and German.

On the bulkhead is an elegant sign in silver stating Lufthansa business class. Further over to the right and visible as you board is the airline logo. It all comes together quite well.

Dividing the cabins is a blue curtain which matches the blue carpet underfoot. Taller people would not be able to stretch their legs out fully in the front row as the bulkhead would get in the way. I prefer face space so I found it lovely.

Breakfast Service

After everyone was on board, it was time for the manual safety demonstration and soon enough we were in the air. Cabin crew are extremely quick at getting to the food service and quite shortly breakfast was served.

Featuring fruit, juice, warm bread, and a trio of continental breakfast treats, I was very happy. It is a perfect amount of food for a one hour sector and I found it all to be delicious. I cleaned my plates, as I always do!

Heading to the Toilet

The toilet for Lufthansa business class passengers is located by the flight deck. This is a pretty standard affair, with nothing special about it to note.

Everything functioned as it should and of course it was spic and span, which you would expect. Nothing really special to report, it did the job as advertised.

How About That Ferrari Sparkling Wine?

Asking for Champagne led to a satisfying pop from the galley and bubbles were duly delivered. Lufthansa offer Ferrari branded sparkling wine in business class and it was a pretty nice drop. Personally, I was delighted it didn’t taste awful, unlike some carriers offering – I’m looking at you, KLM!

In addition, I also had more of the delicious juice and some green tea, to try to stave off the effects of dehydration after a big enough weekend. Finishing the entire bottle, my glass was collected just before landing and we landed on schedule.

Overall Thoughts

My experience trying out Lufthansa business class was excellent. The food was perfect for the short flight, and who doesn’t like drinking all the sparkling wine? No point in letting it go to waste, at least, that’s my excuse.

The cabin crew provided stellar and attentive service. They were quite curious as to why I was taking photos of everything and were keen to know what I thought of their service compared to British Airways. My verdict was that it is just as good.

Would I fly Lufthansa business class again? You bet! Have you flown in this cabin with Lufthansa? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Lufthansa.