Alaska Airlines has been through a few ups and downs recently. The airline faces a pilot shortage (much like many carriers will soon face). This has led the airline to cancel some flights, especially those operated by their regional carriers. The airline, however, has been expanding very aggressively in California this year. After their acquisition of Virgin America, Alaska has been pairing carriers to meet capacity. This means there are more aircraft available to launch new flights. One example is Alaska Airlines New Orleans San Francisco flight.

Alaska Airlines Cabin

Alaska Airlines Cabin

Bay Area to Big Easy

Alaska launched the flight the past Thursday, September 21st. The airline celebrated with a live Jazz band in San Francisco before the flight took off. The flight will be operated by one of the former Virgin America A320s. The flight will fly daily with the following schedule:




City pair Departs Arrives Aircraft Frequency
Sep 21 San Francisco- New


8:48 a.m. 3:03 p.m. A320 family Daily
Sep 21 New Orleans- San


4 p.m. 6:30 p.m. A320 family Daily


What to Expect:

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are consistently some of the best carriers in the US. Not only do they have an excellent frequent flyer program, but they also offer a solid onboard product. Business class will have 8 seats, with locally inspired meals. The aircraft is fitted with wifi, as well as streaming entertainment. As part of the streaming abilities, the airline also offers Free Chat to their passengers. Free Chat allows passengers to use iMessage, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger free of charge throughout the flight.

Cabin Service

Cabin Service

Landing Thoughts:

I am glad to see New Orleans get a new flight. The airport recently got a flight to London with British Airways. They offer flights to Europe on BA as well as a flight to Frankfurt with Condor. I think the airport will probably land a new flight to Europe on Lufthansa’s Eurowings division. With the airport expanding, the Big Easy will be even bigger. The new routes, including the Alaska flight, will bring more business to the city. This will give even more life to the French Quarter and my favorite museum in the city: the World War II Museum.


What do you think? Are you going to fly on Alaska’s flight to New Orleans? Have you been to the World War II Museum in New Orleans? Let us know!


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Images from: Alaska Airlines and Wikimedia Commons