Air New Zealand and Aer Lingus use various forms of social media to connect with their customers and Twitter is arguably the most important. Both airlines use a diverse range of apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook to encourage interaction with their brand.

Apps like Twitter allow customers to contact airlines to correct issues or for questions. Social media teams at airlines are a vital part of the customer experience as a result.

Air New Zealand Declare War On Aer Lingus

New Zealand and Ireland are Rugby mad nations and this fierce competition has spilled over on Twitter. Ireland unexpectedly beat New Zealand’s All Blacks team in early November. The teams go head to head once again on Saturday 19 November and a Twitter war erupted in advance of the match. I caught this online and rather enjoyed it!


It is laugh out loud funny to see the editing of the two airlines in flight magazine covers! I would love to see something like this actually happen. People wouldn’t know what to make of it.

There was a similar battle between Air New Zealand and Qantas last year. In that exchange the two airlines were challenging each other to paint their aircraft in each others scheme. The images on Twitter of this are great!

Overall Thoughts

There are a number of advantages doing this kind of thing. I am a follower of Aer Lingus on the app however I was not following Air New Zealand. I could see the Aer Lingus side of the conversation and I needed to follow Air New Zealand to see their half. This resulted in me following another airline so now I am exposed to whatever they wish to communicate.

Cheeky humour between two businesses is very on trend. People enjoy seeing this on occasion and it is even better when people can relate to it such as in this instance. It engenders a feeling of friendship and enjoyment towards the business which is likely to make someone more likely to choose to spend money with them in future.

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