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January was quite an eventful month. While the biggest news was obviously the changes that Chase made to the Sapphire Reserve, here are a few more stories that we covered this month. I tried experimenting with the Amex airline fee credit benefit and it worked for me for buying tickets.

These flight tickets triggered my Amex Airline Free Credit

These can be a YMMV situation. However, I tried experimenting a bit and bought tickets on Alaska Airlines to check if that would trigger the airline fee credit. Within a few days, I got the full reimbursement for the flight tickets on my card. In this post, I outline the entire process of what I did and how it worked out. This is largely dependent on how Amex codes your purchase and your experience may be different.

However, it always helps if you can find more data points of what’s working. Airline free credit workarounds have always been a hot topic of discussion on many forums like Reddit and Flyertalk. Please do your own research for reliable data points before making any purchase.

Amex Green Card: Which sign-up bonus should you get?

Even though the Away luggage credit has gone away, you can still get the 45,000 Membership Rewards sign-up bonus on the Amex Green Card. You’ll earn a bonus of 45,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months.

World of Hyatt Visa: Should I keep or cancel?

I love some of the benefits of the World of Hyatt Visa Card. I walk through my decision making process as I’m sitting on the fence about whether I should keep or cancel this card.

Will Hawaii ever remain the same?

In this post, I discuss how our social media celebrity culture is affecting our lives. In this case, it’s also harming Hawaii and its status as a paradise. It’s also leading to some consternation between tourists and the local people.

A sneak peek into the credit card of the future

Could this be the future of how we use credit cards? I mean, imagine using your credit card without even having to use your card. Scary or exciting?

Credit Card Strategy after Dumping the Chase Sapphire Reserve

If you’re miffed by the changes Chase made to the Sapphire Reserve, what are your options and how do you plan ahead? This post outlines the details.

Why Chase made changes to the Sapphire Reserve

I looked up some data and reports to delve deeper into reasons why Chase made the changes that they eventually made. We all know now what the changes are, but do you know why? This post gives you an in-depth look into some of the data and key customer insights.

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