What happens when an airline goes bankrupt? Usually there’s a fire sale, where they sell everything imaginable in order to recoup some of the costs. This includes aircraft seats and much more.

You will know that Air Berlin went under during 2017 and were in the news thanks to a notorious fly past conducted at the end of the last long haul flight. Did you also know you can buy a whole bunch of their stuff at an auction?

Lots Of Aircraft Seats

In addition to the business class seats at the top of this post, you can also get your hands on some economy class seats. Fancy a set of three for your living room?

These could be the perfect thing for your shed or man cave. A lot of aviation geeks aspire to have something like this in their homes, but I’ve never come across any in person yet.

Touch Trolley, Go To Galley

There are absolutely loads of galley trolleys available as well and arguably these might be more interesting than aircraft seats. You could use these as your own personal bar and wheel it out at parties.

I’m sure you could pimp out your trolley too, so you wouldn’t need to keep it in the Air Berlin red and white. Though doing something like that would make any aviation person groan at ruining such an item.

Fancy Giving A Safety Demonstration?

Another fun item which would be nice to have is a demo life jacket. You know, the ones the crew use to show how to put on the life jacket that actually don’t inflate.

I’m not entirely sure where you would use it, but it would probably make a great talking point at a party after a few drinks. People are interested in the most random things when there’s alcohol involved.

Overall Thoughts

It is always sad to see an airline cease operating and if it were my choice Air Berlin would still be flying today. However, business realities mean this is not possible.

Fans of the airline and aviation in general now have a chance to purchase a piece of the airline for their very own. The prices are pretty eye watering all round, so I won’t be buying – as much as I’d love to.

Do you own any airline items such as seats or trolleys? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images via DECHOW AUKTIONEN.