Some of you probably know about the kind of ongoing status match that Air Berlin Topbonus offers. While it may not be the best if you just look at what Topbonus offers, the nice part of the status match is that if you get matched to Topbonus Gold, you get oneworld Sapphire which gets you these benefits on all oneworld airlines!

  • Priority Business Class check-in
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Prioirty boarding
  • Preferred and pre-reserved seating when offered by the airline operatiing the flight
  • Priority standby and waitlisting (where offered)
  • Access to Business Class and Frequent Flyer lounges (with one guest), regardless of the class of service flown that day.

Lounge access?! So down!

Trying to Match:

I was curious if JetBlue Mosaic would match to Air Berlin Topbonus Gold but I wasn’t really hoping much. I figured they would just match to Topbonus Silver, which correlates with oneworld Ruby which would just get:

  • Priority Business Class Check-in
  • Preferred and pre-reserved seating when offered by the airline operating the flight
  • Priority standby and waiting list (where offered)

Not really that enticing.

To see what I would get, I sent an email to and asked what JetBlue Mosaic would get.

The response was interesting! I got a response in one day and they said that they don’t match with JetBlue Airways at all!

Interesting. Maybe because they just became partners? Idk.

How bout Alaska eh?

I then asked about Alaska and they said they don’t match MVP?! Only MVP Gold to Topbonus SILVER and MVP Gold 75K to Topbonus Gold.


Interesting Discovery!

Well, this was an interesting discovery! In looking this up I also discovered they don’t match to Topbonus Platnium (their top tier) UNLESS you have are a Lufthansa HON Circle Member.

And, they won’t match to any oneworld partners. You can view the landing page for the status match here!

Also, if US residents want to match there are reports that they ask for a booking confirmation including a booking number of an Air Berlin long haul flight between US and Europe.


Anyone going to try matching? Comment below!

Happy travels,