Aer Lingus are now allowing passengers to reduce the cost of their flight by using AerClub Avios. This means that people with smaller balances of frequent flyer points can use them.

Similar schemes already occur with the other airlines using Avios. In fact, Aer Lingus is the last of those airlines to offer this service, but it’s good to see it finally happening.

Part Pay With AerClub Avios

Imagine my surprise when I logged in to a well known forum and was presented with the below advertisement. Needless to say, for once in my life I actually clicked an Internet ad!

Having a look at the web page it links to shows that you can now elect to pay with AerClub Avios. It should work on most standard Aer Lingus bookings, but not on anything unusual, such as those containing codeshare segments.

There is a handy video below which shows how it works. Logging in to my account, I did a dummy booking and on the very last page where you have your total, it shows where you can use your Avios to reduce the price.

You must have a minimum balance of 500 Avios in your AerClub account for it to work. People with balances below this amount can see a message on screen to this effect. I know this because I have zero Avios in my account!

Overall Thoughts

Reducing flight prices with Avios can be good value to some and not good value to others. Frequent travellers will be better off electing to let their balances soar, so the points can be used for transatlantic business class flights for example.

However, for someone who does not fly often and is unlikely to ever have a large balance, this gives that person an avenue to use the points to save real money. It’s not the best value you can get from the points, however for some it may be the only way they can put their balance to work.

What do you think of this option from Aer Lingus? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Aer Lingus.