I got lounge access to the Admirals Club from my LATAM Business Class ticket to Toronto because they are both in Oneworld alliance. I remember reading online that one of the Admirals Club’s at JFK was under construction. After I cleared security, I went to the club immediately next to my security checkpoint.

Problem: this was the one that was under construction.

Admirals Club- Terminal 8- Concourse B- After Security:

My first stop was here and it was almost soulless at 9 AM. A plus is that if you want complete silence you could chill out here. There was your average club fare, bagels, drinks (complimentary non alcoholic and some complimentary alcoholic). I was surprised there was a still a small bar with all the construction. Also there were little snacks (hard boiled eggs,cereal, canned fruit). Pretty limited. There was this weird soup that I didn’t have the guts to try (not sure how long that was there). It’s a maze to the restrooms as you go through airport hallways and construction to get to them. Not the nicest bathrooms either.


The wifi worked pretty fast. There were no shower rooms or tv rooms at this location because of the construction of course.

Unimpressed, I visited the other location to see what it offered. If you walk at a normal speed it would take about 10 minutes to get from the Concourse B Lounge to the one at Concourse C.

Admirals Club- Terminal 8- Concourse C- Across From Gate 42:

This club was much more crowded and bigger. There was a large bar, lots of seating and media rooms. The food offerings were very similar to the one under construction. The only extra thing this lounge had in terms of food is a coffee/espresso machine.


Maria at the front was super nice and went out of her way to help find my correct gate assignment as there was some switches that day on my flight. Additionally she helped book me a shower room slot. I only waited about 5 minutes before one was ready. The shower rooms are a bit outdated, but still very clean.


The Verdict:

So until 2017, to avoid construction and have the full club amenities please visit the JFK Admirals Club in Concourse C near gate 42! The Admirals Club at JFK is a nice place to relax but don’t expect too much. It’s your average airport lounge no better or worse. I think the Delta Sky Club at LAX is quite similar but the Delta Club is more modern.