It is interesting to see a popular group like ABBA on a flight. Someone has got their camera out and snapped a few shots on board and I think they’re pretty cool.

Real pictures inside aircraft cabins from the past seem to be like hens teeth. There are plenty of publicity photos around but not very many actual photos taken by passengers.

Flying ABBA

You can clearly see by the pictures that there are no flat beds in first class, but it does seem pretty comfortable. With little entertainment, everyone seems to be interacting quite a bit.

Amusingly, it seems ABBA’s manager Stig Anderson has decided to move seats and Benny has to chill by the window. Long flights must have seemed so much longer without on demand entertainment.

Considering that music people tend to travel in packs, I am wondering how many people were flying on the flight and whether they all got to sit in first class or not.

A Meal Is Served

Having a meal served from the trolley is always a nice experience. My own occurred on Royal Jordanian and I thought it was pretty cool all round. I can’t really tell what the food actually is in this picture, but there’s a lot of it!

These are real action shots which I quite like. You can see from the next picture that Frida and Benny are sitting in row 3. Has anyone guessed the airline yet?

From what I understand, the year is probably 1976 and they are flying on Thai Airways. Apparently Thai and Scandinavian Airlines had some kind of relationship for flying to Australia back then, which explains things somewhat as ABBA are from Sweden.

Overall Thoughts

It’s fun seeing how a world famous music group such as ABBA travelled back in the 1970s. From an aviation perspective, it is quite cool seeing on board service ‘happening’ right in front of the camera to some extent.

Hopefully more pictures like this will surface at some stage as I quite enjoy things like this. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images via Paul Carter via ABBAtalk on Facebook.