I was never supposed to fly from Cleveland to Charlotte, but a flight cancellation the night before saw me rebooked on this service. Presumably because I was nice and sympathetic to the gate agent changing the flights, I was put into first class for this flight.

Since I was connecting to a flight to Europe, it started off my return trip quite nicely. Check-in was a breeze with zero wait and then it was off to see the TSA people.

Security and Boarding

Cleveland Airport has a not very well signposted queue for premium passengers at security, so I sailed right on through. After waiting at the gate, we were boarded by group number. A yellow tag was attached to my case, and we left them at the end of the jetway as they would be going in the hold. The CRJ900 of American Eagle does not fit standard carry on bags in the cabin.

AA5411 – Cleveland to Charlotte (CLE-CLT)
16 October 2022
Bombardier CRJ900 – N579NN
Seat: First Class 3A
Departure: 12:23 Arrival: 14:10

Once on board, I quickly found my seat and since I had no bag, I sat down and took stock of my surroundings. Boarding continued to progress swiftly.

The CRJ900 First Class Cabin

As you can see on the seat map, first class is arranged with one seat on the left and two on the right. I had one of the singles, which I always enjoy having when flying.

While boarding continued, we were offered a pre-departure beverage. This was a little cup of water and really, why not? Soon enough boarding was complete and we took to the skies above Ohio, setting course for Charlotte.

Cleveland to Charlotte

Once in the air the flight attendant came around asking if we wished to have a drink. I wished and soon enough nuts and a vodka and orange were delivered. I was given an extra cup of orange juice because “the cups are so small”.

My vodka was fine, as were the nuts. Eventually these were cleared away and we arrived into Charlotte without further ado. I watched the hand luggage being unloaded and when I saw my bag going up the little conveyor, I exited the aircraft and grabbed it just as it arrived on the aerobridge.

Overall Thoughts

For a short flight from Cleveland to Charlotte, everything went swimmingly. There is no meal service on board, but I know to expect that on short services in the States.

Seats are comfortable and while it’s slightly jarring to not have hand baggage travelling in the cabin with you, the taking and return of the bags was handled seamlessly. All round a pleasant little flight.

What do you think of the American Eagle service? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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