One of the most disappointing features of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, for me, is the windows. The much lauded dimmable cabin windows are a little bit of a nightmare and now the news is that the Airbus A350 will get them from 2022.

What is it with aircraft manufacturers and these windows? I have not really found them to be amazing from a passenger point of view, and since those are the people using them, I am curious as to why Airbus is also going this way.

Dimmable Cabin Windows

There are a couple of issues with the windows as fitted to the Boeing 787. Often when you have landed, the windows can inexplicably mist up to the point that you are unable to see outside. Apart from the fact that seeing outside is why you have a window seat in the first place, this can’t be good from a safety perspective.

Next, there is the cabin crew override. Having all windows dimmed to darkness and then locked means you have no control over your window. Very annoying all round for those who specifically choose a window seat.

The other issue with the Boeing windows is the level of tint. It’s really very strange to be sitting in a cabin with all the windows darkened to dark blue on a day flight, as everything in the cabin – especially food – takes on that strange hue as well. It’s what I imagine an alien spaceship is like… kinda cool, but it gets old fast.

Overall Thoughts

According to Executive Traveller, these ‘e-windows’ will be part of an upgraded Airspace cabin for the Airbus A350 coming in 2022. Perhaps they will be using a better and more up to date version of the technology than Boeing that might alleviate some of the issues I have experienced.

Even so, I remember my first A350 flight, which was with Qatar Airways. I was unexpectedly surprised at how much more I enjoyed the aircraft when compared to the Boeing 787. It felt more comfortable all round and I especially liked having window blinds that I could adjust to suit myself.

What do you think of these dimmable cabin windows? What do you like about them or what do you dislike? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Delta via Wikimedia Commons.