It’s Friday, and I managed to take today off. Call me crazy, but I think we all need a day off. The last week or so have been one of the more “interesting” since I started this blog in 2006. A lot has happened in that time, but I really believe that Delta’s recent announcements may be the most interesting, challenging, any other words???? since I started. I’ve posted well enough about the specifics of my thoughts and others on Delta’s SkyMiles changes.

Geez. I must be invested in SkyMiles even if I my name isn’t DeltaPoints. 🙂 Recognizing that I am a bit of a contrarian on the topic of “miles” around BoardingArea, I hope you realize I really do care about my miles…..and yours. I’ve had the opportunity to experience too many good things as a result of airline miles not to care. Even so, I recognize that the airline industry has changed and it is not likely that miles are going to represent the same value they always have. That said, not equaling the same value is not the same thing as “no value.” Opportunities abound. Don’t give up. I’m surely not.

Keep the faith…..and the miles. More soon.

-MJ, March 7, 2014