I do enjoy British Airways offering upgrades to business class in Manage My Booking. It certainly whets my appetite, especially when it’s a €69 upgrade price.

This is the current offer on a flight I have booked from Dublin to London Heathrow and both the outbound and return are available to upgrade for that price. However, all is not as it seems.

Is A €69 Upgrade Really Good Value?

On its own, getting a €69 upgrade on British Airways is straight up good value. You get a higher baggage allowance, lounge access, fast-track security at both ends, the middle seat free, plus decent food and drinks. I’d usually jump at this kind of value!

The fly in the ointment is that I booked my ticket only a few days ago. This means that I remembered the sector pricing and the fact that the difference between EuroTraveller and Club Europe was not all that much.

In actual fact, the economy fare Dublin to London is €32 while business is €89, which is a €57 difference. Therefore, it would have been better to pay for it at the time of booking, since the special upgrade offer actually turns out to cost more.

For the return, EuroTraveller is €55 while Club Europe is €127. That’s a €72 difference, so you will save exactly €3 by availing of the upgrade offer.

Overall Thoughts

To be quite fair, Club Europe fares between Dublin and London on British Airways are some of the lowest I have ever seen at €216 return. The EuroTraveller fares are also great, as €85 return is very good value indeed.

While a €69 upgrade is great – and previously and usually it is €89 or €99 – the fact that the original fare differential is so small makes it a loss making exercise. That means that I’m out. For now. Had I forgotten the original ticket pricing on screen, it’s likely I would have upgraded without a second thought. It pays to pay attention!

What do you think of these €69 upgrade prices? Have you ever taken advantage of one of these from Manage My Booking? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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