For many, Canada evokes images of crisp fall activities and cold snow. Canada does offer many world-class experiences for outdoor enthusiasts no matter what time of year it is. From winter sports to wildlife viewing, Canada has a lot to offer. But that’s not the extent of it. Below are five activities anyone in Canada may want to try at least once.

Oh Canada!


Visit the Limehouse Conservation Area

If you’re a history buff and someone who appreciates well looked after conservation parks, the Limehouse Conservation Area may convince you to start looking into Halton real estate. This site is open year-round and has no entrance fee. 

There are historical buildings, wooden bridges, small caves, and historical stone kilns scattered throughout. No matter what level of a hike you’re looking for, you can find a trail here with plenty of pleasant scenery and opportunities to make memories.


More Snow capped Mountains

Challenge the Valley of 1,000 Devils

Grasslands National Park has recently opened up a new section that offers quite a few unique views and much warmer weather than other areas of the park. This isn’t a hike for those new to the hobby and requires quite a bit of planning and preparation.

However, those that accept the challenge will be rewarded with the ability to view several large fossils left in their natural state. The trail also includes a view of the K-T line, a relic of the meteorite impact that is thought to have put an end to the dinosaurs. 


Spend Your Vacation in Whistler

This may not be the best choice for those looking for an economical option as Whistler today is busy, no matter the season. It’s become a top spot for ski enthusiasts as well as those who prefer biking trails and taking in picturesque views. 

Even if not every member of your party is keen on these sports, the architecture and art scene that has been slowly developing over the last 50 years, since the village was involved in the Olympics, is something to see. The wildlife is another small advantage of the area. Marmots even gave the city its name. 



Take a Turn Around the Enchanted Forest

Consisting of over 300 hand-sculpted characters and creatures, this Enchanted Forest is an easy walk for sightseers. In addition to the fairytale artwork, the forest is a showcase of wild and plant-life. From 800-year-old cedars to creatures large and small. Waterfalls and other natural wonders are also found along the trails.


Find Your Way Through a Hedge Maze

VanDusen Botanical Gardens began the cultivation of its hedge maze in 1981. The 3,000 hedge plants that make up the maze have slowly grown up and been carefully cared for since the day they were planted. If you want to run through the maze, prepare to spend some time as it is quite large. 

For those that would like to appreciate the maze without entering it, there is an observation terrace. Around the maze, you will also find 55 acres of garden with plant species from around the world. 

VanDusen Botanical Gardens



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