Fly JetSuiteX or Other JetShuttle Flights and Get  One Month Family Membership Free With JetSmarter – Ends July 8th

Bonus: Use the promo code JLL0KF when you join and receive $1000 in free seat credit

I’ve been meaning to write about this promotion for a while now but kept getting caught up at work, in the sky with slow wi-fi, or out with friends. Finally, I have some time to share a really neat promotion with readers, however, you need to act fast as the promo ends in just three days.

By now, you’ve probably already heard about JetSmarter, the private jet-sharing application that claims to be “Uber but for private jets.” JetSmarter is not alone in their quest to become the Uber/Lyft for private jets as there’s been a seemingly never-ending stream of jet-sharing start-ups over the past two or so years. JetSmarter is arguably one of the more stronger and successful jet-sharing companies. However, JetSmarter has also been involved in a number of controversies and disputes involving its memberships and benefits offered to users. Though JetSmarter has cut most of the lucrative benefits like free private jet flights on dozens of shuttle routes, the company still offers a solid product.

JetSmarter Landing Page

JetSmarter Landing Page (Image:

If you’re in the market for an entry-level jet-sharing membership, JetSmarter is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the only flyers that would actually benefit from the $5,000 to $10,000 a year membership fees are fairly well-off and wealthy. Though they claim to be the Uber for private jets, they aren’t quite there as in addition to the annual membership, members still have to pay hundreds or even thousands to book a flight. But, now until July 8th, there’s a way the average traveler can experience JetSmarter for under $250 thanks to a fantastic promotion.

Book A Seat Accessible With The Pay-As-You-Go Membership and Get 1-Month Free of The JetSmarter Family Plan

JetSmarter has greatly devalued their member benefits from free seats on short flights and free shuttle tokens on transcontinental flights to requiring even their most elite customers to pay for a single seat on the shortest flights. That said, a JetSmarter membership is not nearly as valuable as it used to be. Essentially, what the membership offered in this promotion will allow you to access is the JetSmarter “Deals” section within the app. For a full month, you and three family members will have access to not only JetSmarter Shuttle flights but also any of the JetSmarter Deals that are available.

What Are Jetsmarter Deals

JetSmarter Deals include empty-leg flights and shared charters. Empty-leg flights are usually repositioning flights from one airport to another while shared charters are traditional charter flights initiated by other JetSmarter members. To save money, JetSmarter members who create a shared charter can offer these seats to other members and receive a rebate for each seat booked. The shared charter feature of the JetSmarter app is about as close as “Uber but for private jets” as the app gets.

JetSmarter Deals, especially empty legs, are quite reasonably priced though might not be the most convenient options for most flyers. The majority of empty leg flights are under an hour and are usually between two small airports that lack any commercial service.

I have stumbled across a few Dallas to Chicago, Chicago to South Florida, and San Francisco to Southern California empty-leg flights but these flights usually go out with two to three other passengers onboard. Nonetheless, empty legs are the most affordable way to experience a private jet. For example, last June I flew from St. Louis to Indianapolis for just $120 one-way. These are the kind of deals that pop-up within the Deals section in the app.

$1000 in free seat credit with promo code JLL0KF

Finding A Flight To Get The Free 1-Month Family Membership

JetSmarter’s Pay-As-You-Go membership allows you to access seats on all flights except for shared charters and empty-leg flights. Additionally, you will not receive any discounts on shuttle flights if you are not a member. To receive the free 1-month JetSmarter Family Membership you will need to book a seat and complete the flight on one of the Jetsmarter Shuttle flights. These Shuttle flights are limited to a select few destinations that are home to the most JetSmarter members.

Cities with JetSmarter Shuttle routes include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco. There are additional Shuttle flights throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East. To view and book a Shuttle flight, all you have to do is download the JetSmarter app and create an account. No payment method is required to register and view flights.

Link to Apple App Store Download | Link to Google Play Store Download

I ended up booking a flight on JetSuiteX, the “semi-private” charter operator based on the west coast, from Oakland, CA to Burbank. I booked last minute and ended up paying $249. Essentially, my 1-month trial ended up costing me $249 which I personally view as worth it.

Recommended Additional Step: Once I booked my JetSuiteX flight, I used the in-app messaging feature to contact a sales rep to let them know that I was taking advantage of the promotion. This isn’t a requirement but I would contact someone at JetSmarter once you book your flight to let them know that you’re taking part in the promo just to be safe. The sales rep got back to me fairly quick and informed me that he would activate my free 1-month trial ASAP. I had to re-register and agree to the terms and conditions and within a half-hour, I had booked my JetSuiteX flight and activated my free JetSmarter trial.

What I Plan To Do With My Free Month

It’s important to note that this membership isn’t just for one user but four users. This means you and three family members can enjoy the perks of a JetSmarter membership. I personally have set up reminders within the app to notify me the second an empty-leg or shared charter becomes available to or from destinations I frequent including St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and Memphis.

One last shot of N104LW on the ramp in Indy

One last shot of N104LW on the ramp in Indy

I’m a very extra person. (Here’s the definition of “Extra” for those of you who don’t know what that means) As an extra person, I love being able to fly in a private jet for an hour or two even if I have no reason to travel to the arrival city. It’s a fun experience, allows you to take some dope Tinder and LinkedIn profile pictures, and an empty-leg or shared charter might even turn out to be a convenient option for some users.

A Few Reminders

This is by no means the deal of the century or even the deal of the week. A JetSmarter membership has lost much of its value. However, it’s still a unique opportunity to fly in private jets for a month at a reduced rate. Here’s the fine print:

  • You must fly be July 8th, 2018
  • The membership is only good for a month
  • You are required to pay for any fares, fees, or taxes that come with booking a flight within the application
  • Be sure to set a reminder once your month is up to call JetSmarter and confirm that they aren’t renewing your membership

Other than that, it’s fairly straight-forward. Just download the app, sign-up, find a Shuttle flight, book a seat, and then fly. This will get you the free 1-month membership.

Note: A seat in a private charter also qualifies as an eligible seat for the promo but I discourage anyone from spending $5,000 (an hour) to take advantage of this promo.

Use promo code JLL0KF and receive $1000 in free seat credit