The Qantas International First lounge in Sydney has a number of features which I really enjoy. There is a spa offering 20 minute spa treatments for one. In addition, there is a top quality dining room featuring excellent dishes changed seasonally.

I reviewed the lounge last year and as luck would have it I am here once more. This time, here are 10 pictures to illustrate what I love about it today.

1. Flippy Departure Boards

For those people who are over thirty, you will remember the split-flap departure boards that used to feature in airports around the world. Solely because they are cool, there are two of them in the Qantas first lounge in Sydney.

It brings back a lot of memories when it flips to update, taking me straight back to being a kid visiting the airport with Dad.

2. Champagne and That View

Overlooking the apron and with a fine view of the city centre of Sydney, wiling away time having a drink and soaking up the view is extremely easy.

Seating by the window is definitely a must when visiting this lounge.

3. Deconstructed Pavlova

For dessert, the deconstructed Pavlova is so popular that they have to keep it on the menu. Of course, the flavour changes each season but otherwise it is the same.

This dish is worth every compliment it gets. Sweet and delicious, it is unmissable when you are here.

4. Autumn 2017 Menu

As I mentioned before, the menu changes each season. It is autumn in Australia and so it is the autumn menu that is current presented.

Dishes change quite substantially between seasons so it may be worth visiting four times per year.

5. Barista Coffee

All Qantas lounges in Australia feature barista service meaning you can have your coffee made to order. It is no different in the international first lounge.

Since the first time I tried a latte, I have been a fan so that is my coffee of choice.

6. Salt & Pepper Calamari

Another staple of the first lounge is the Salt & Pepper Calamari. Once again it is said that Qantas tried to remove it from the menu but there was such an uproar they had to keep it.

I made a joke to my server that, “I’d better get that – as nobody ever orders it!” to which I got a chuckle so I was happy.

7. Seasonal Produce

Are mussels in season? Perhaps it’s brioche season? Either way the mussels on brioche features on the autumn starter menu and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Naturally, I followed it with the calamari but this dish was very tasty!

8. Spa Treatments

In order to relax before a flight, you can get a twenty minute spa treatment. First class passengers are contacted the day before to make their appointment and all others get one if there is space available.

Treatment rooms feature a living wall and on my two visits to the lounge I have always scored a treatment despite not flying first class.

9. Sticky Beef

Asian influenced cooking is prevalent in Australian cuisine and this is featured in the first lounge with contemporary dishes like this one.

When the meat falls apart under your fork you know the kitchen is doing it right. All meals are cooked to order and are always delicious.

10. Did I Mention The First Lounge View?

In addition to an aspect looking directly at the city of Sydney, you can also see loads of airport action as the main runway is directly in front of the lounge.

Aviation geeks can rejoice in the knowledge they can get some seriously good airport action happening right in front of them while waiting for their flight.

Overall Thoughts

My second time at the Qantas International First lounge in Sydney was just as good as the first time. My server was the same as last year and she has been working for the lounge for ten years. All employees are trained by Sofitel so standards are high.

I am unable to fault the food service, the spa or anything in this lounge. I still maintain it is the best lounge for food I have visited and comes a close second to the Cathay Pacific Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong for design.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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