My heart goes out to the families of those lost in last week’s tragic accident involving the Costa Concordia. It’s obviously disconcerting to read about such a tragedy, especially to those who have never cruised before. I have received numerous questions in the last few days about cruising safety and why I like cruising so much. I can’t comment to the safety procedures of Costa or Carnival Corporation as I’ve never set foot on one of their ships. Believe me, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so given the right set of circumstances, but I’ve frankly been so happy with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity that I just haven’t felt the need to. I’ve never felt anything less than well cared  for and safe aboard any of the cruise ships I’ve sailed on (26 cruises with many more to come).

Much the same as on any aircraft, I never ignore safety drills aboard cruise ships. While remote, there is always the possibility that something unplanned could happen, and I want to be ready. This accident, while tragic, has no deterring effect on my desire to cruise much like no aircraft accident has ever deterred my desire to fly. Fortunately, such accidents are exceedingly rare.

Today, I received separate emails from both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity reiterating their commitment to safety, a commitment I never doubted. A link to a video was included and I wanted to share it with you here. Is it one company’s opinion of itself? Yes. But I’m confident that it’s true. So yes, MJonTravel will continue to cruise and I hope you will too.