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Ever since Father’s Day in June, Travel Update’s reserved Sundays for your pick for the “worst view ever?” — a guest room view that, for whatever reason, doesn’t appeal to you. This became a tradition when my Dad opened his curtains at a Courtyard hotel in suburban Washington D.C. and saw a jungle of concrete and air conditioning duct work. He particularly disliked the view since he’s a frequent guest at the hotel, figuring the hotel should have done better.

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Well, this week, we’re going to turn the column on its ear, thanks to Facebook friend Andrew Cohen.

He brought to our attention the bizarre views at the 25Hours Hotel Bikini in Berlin, highlighting the piece in The views however, are sparking headlines around the world including in the Daily Mail and Fox News. Here’s what’s going on…

This new, contemporary hotel in Berlin has bathrooms that – when used – will give passers-by too much information! A toilet and urinals, it turns out, are located right next to floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The Daily Mail calls it a “design fault,” but seems it could be easily and cheaply fixed by adding frosting on the glass, installing a curtain – or doing something – if management truly wanted to eliminate the headline-grabbing situation.

Readers: Nominate your idea of a hotel room “worst view ever”  by sending me an email with the image, hotel name and a few details.