British Airways have announced major improvements to their World Traveller on board catering. For those that are unaware, World Traveller is the airline’s long haul economy class product.

According to the press release, the aim is to add more quantity and quality to the complimentary food offering. It looks like this is a genuine improvement over the current meal service which will be welcome.

World Traveller Catering Changes

Main meals will move from three course to four course with a starter, main, dessert, cheese and biscuits plus a bread roll and bottle of water. The water bottle replaces the small cups used before which means people can drink from them later in the flight.

All four courses fit on a single tray which will mean the service should take the same amount of time. It looks pretty good as you can see from the picture below.

During the welcome drinks service, passengers will now also receive pretzels. These are the same as the ones given out at the moment in Club World which means they will disappear from that cabin I daresay.

Variations on the meals will be served on some routes, such as those to China, Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and India. I always enjoy this kind of thing as the international meals are usually delicious.

Ice Cream and Tuck Boxes

Magnum ice creams will be offered on daylight flights from London, which is something Qantas have been giving their economy class passengers for some time now.

Overnight flights to London will offer a tuck box featuring Dairy Milk Buttons, Twix, Kit-Kats and Mini Cheddars. These will also be available in the World Traveller galley. Interestingly, these are items that are in the current Club Kitchen in Club World, pointing to changes there once again.

A Second Meal Service in World Traveller

All customers in World Traveller will now receive a second meal service prior to arrival. This will vary depending on the length of the flight and is a great improvement over today.

Short flights such as those to New York will receive a sandwich and a chocolate bar, which is what the second meal was 10 years ago. It’s a case of back to the future a little bit!

For overnight flights, a hot English breakfast will be served before arrival. It looks pretty much like the current Club Europe breakfast just presented differently. Improvements to the Club Europe catering are due in April.

Longer flights such as to Cape Town and Hong Kong will receive a full hot meal as the second meal such as a pizza wrap or a regional option, with a pot of pasta, a chocolate brownie and a drink. Passengers will also receive a Graze movie snack box to eat while they watch movies on the long flights.

Overall Thoughts

It is great to see World Traveller passengers being provided with a better meal service. Whenever I fly, I look forward to eating on board as the food is generally good and it passes the time.

Since the on board service is the main differentiation point between airlines, attention to this is very important. All of the changes point to a higher quality feeling for the cabin which has been lacking for some time.

The press release points to the fact that customer feedback resulted in the changes and I don’t doubt that at all. What do you think of these changes? Thanks for reading and please leave your comments or questions below.

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All images via British Airways.