Some airlines post the on-time performance of their flights on their websites as you are booking them, and some do not. Some of the online travel agencies also offer this information. It’s most likely posted as a range (60 to 70% on-time) which is all they are required to report.

However, there are some other alternatives out there that offer a good bit more in depth information about the performance of specific flights, routes, etc.

I’ll start with Uncle Sam’s offering from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Here’s the link directly to the airline on-time performance section of their website. You can look at the performance stats of specific flights, airlines, and markets (i.e. LGA-MIA). It’s not exactly fancy, but it is free, and your tax dollars are financing it. So check it out when you get a chance.

There are some other internet sites out there that offer similar information. One I’ve recently discovered is It contains a wealth of information, and displays it in very neat charts and graphs. Give it a shot.

Next time you’re getting ready to fly, check out one or both of these sites to see the historical on-time performance of your flight. This is very handy information for travelers of all types, business or leisure.