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Last week, I wrote about how in a bizarre turn of events, a woman snuck past TSA and boarded a Delta flight. She did so without any valid ticket, ID or boarding pass. Once fellow passengers and flight attendants became aware of the situation, they alerted the police. Quite surprisingly, she seemed to remain adamant about her right to board the flight. This entire episode delayed the Orlando-Atlanta flight by over three hours. This week, the FBI has stated that they’re not pressing criminal charges against the woman at this point of time.

Criminal Charges

CBS Miami reports that FBI officials are currently not pursuing criminal charges against the woman for her act.

FBI officials told the Orlando Sentinel that after considering the administrative and civil remedies available, they will not pursue criminal charges at this time. It was not clear how Rictor passed through security. Delta employees asked for her ticket because she was in someone else’s seat. Orlando police Lt. Wanda Miglio says Rictor said she threw her ticket away and didn’t have identification.

The Pundit’s Mantra

As per multiple media reports, it seems like we still don’t know how the woman actually managed to sneak through. While I’m glad that this didn’t result in any public safety issue, this incident shines light on the vulnerability of security systems that are in place, even in an age where security cameras and all sorts of gadgets are pretty ubiquitous.

What’s your take on this whole incident? Do you think that the woman deserved a clear criminal charge for her actions? Let us know in the comments section.

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