This is a fun audio test of how well you can identify the language being spoken from some part of the world.

QUIZ: Can you guess the language being spoken? – Brought to you by Quartz using audio clips from the Wikitongues project.

Wikitongues A global project to document and preserve the diverse selection of spoken word from around the world.

When the Internet first went public in 1995, more than seven thousand languages were spoken around the world. Today, that reality is in rapid decline, as the side-effects of globalization provoke the death of a different language every two weeks. Unless something changes, this rate is likely to spell the extinction of more than 3,000 languages before the turn of the next century. This would be a catastrophic tragedy on an intimate, human scale, for the death of thousands of languages means not just the disappearance of grammar systems and vocabularies, but the human communities who use them as well. …

Based in over fourteen countries, Wikitongues volunteers travel when they can and are always listening, working hard to record new languages so that everyone can continue learning from others, and revel in all the depth and nuance of identity. If you like what we’re doing, stay up to date! Subscribe to us on YouTube for new videos every week. If you believe in what we’re doing, get involved! Our community is open to everyone.
from About Wikitongues

Every language in the world. Share your language video at

An example:


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