Synopsis of an actual conversation held in Atlanta, GA, October 3, 2013.

MrsMJ: Do we have any United miles?

MJonTravel: (sheepishly) Yeeeeessss. Why?

MrsMJ: (thumbing through some catalog from MileagePlus) Because I need a camera.

MJonTravel: Do you remember our trip in Lufthansa First Class last year?

MrsMJ: Yes.

MJonTravel: That was paid for with United miles.

MrsMJ: Oh, OK. Nevermind.

Moral of the story – don’t fall for the flashy catalog from your favorite mileage program containing pictures of various electronics and other stuff. Don’t fall for it even if the price doesn’t seem that bad. And know when to say no….politely.

-MJ, October 4, 2013