It is lovely when your status can cover most of your costs, isn’t it. I had some vouchers for Marriott that were expiring so decided to fly to Palm Springs to enjoy a sunny weekend. I had never been there before but had heard about it from people attending PGA golf and ATP tennis events.

A stay at Westin Palm Springs resort filled the zone that my points allowed so I booked 2 days and then got good value flights with points on SouthWest. The flights and accommodation cost me less than $100 for 2 of us.

Palm trees everywhere:

You get the idea that this is vacation central on arriving at the Westin as there are palm trees everywhere. Nice drive up the hill to the drop off area.

I immediately noticed a bicycle rack with bikes that guests can use.

Check in was pleasant, they guys at reception were in a very bubbly mood and they made us feel most welcome. They explained a lot of the facilities available including bike usage.

Off to our weekend home:

It was a bit of a stroll to the room as the resort is spread out all along the golf course. There are golf carts available but we wandered through the complex instead.

Up one flight of stairs (no elevators at the villas) and there we were. The buildings themselves are looking old, new paint can only hide so much.

There was not much view from our balcony but the view out the back was wonderful.

The room itself is pleasant for a short stay. I don’t think I would have enjoyed staying in this particular room for a whole week. Perhaps a suite would be better.

Normal chest between the beds with clock radio, phone, power adapters and a bible..

Tv unit with drawers and doors to a safe and shelves.


A proper sized table for use as a desk or for meals.

There is a separate unit with coffee machine and mugs, ice bucket and glasses on top and the refrigerator inside.

There is a nice little balcony but not much view. The restaurant is opposite but the trees hide most of that view.

Now the bathroom:

It reminds me of an old Holiday Inn roadside motel. Sure the shower and tap controls are modern but the bathroom was unimpressive.

White Tea toiletries were lovely

The twin basins gave a bit of space. There were some other White Tea toiletries suppled, a shower cap and soap.

The cupboard contained a luggage rack as well as a robe for wearing around the resort.

Some of the facilities available:

We spent time at the great pool complex that has 2 water slides, 2 bars, a volleyball net in the pool, towels and rows and rows of deckchairs.

Westin Palm Springs pool slides

There are also smaller pools around the complex. These are quieter and have a hot tub or jacuzzi as well.

A cool games room has different games as well as 4 bowling lanes. There was a happy hour each evening with drinks and snacks and chocolates. A lot of fun was had by all.

There is a cool kids play area and care is taken of your pets too.

A nice fitness studio is also available, lots of lovely towels.

I even found this CVS vending machine out near the store. A very useful addition.

The store itself is a part coffee shop and part everything else. The Brandini toffee was exquisite, I would recommend you try some when you are in the area.

There is a lovely hanging out area where there are fire pits and a water feature along with lovely couches to hang out on.

Westin Palm Springs hang out area

Abundant wildlife:

These are some of the geese that are all around, especially on the golf course, and there is a rather large tortoise that you can feed once a day.


Out on the bikes:

We acquired 2 of the bikes that were available and went on a long excursion around the Mission Hills golf course and estates.

It can take as long as you want to ride around the course as there are many roads you can wind around.

So how was our visit:

It was rather a nice visit even if for only 2 days. The pools were really great, the bicycles were so useful, the staff were really friendly.

The restaurant Pinzimini was rather good. We ate there in person as well as getting room delivery and it was always really tasty. We got a lot done, enjoyed swimming and cycling and eating and had a ball.

Overall our stay at the Westin Palm Springs resort was a wonderful break.