A recent Milepoint thread renewed an old debate between the co-CEOs here at MJ on Travel World HQ – How far is too far for a weekend trip? Personally, I would think nothing of Rome for the weekend, punching out Thursday night, and returning Sunday. MrsMJ sees Savannah as the maximum distance for a trip of that length. Keep in mind, we live in Atlanta. Some of us have different pain thresholds when it comes to travel, and that’s what is coming into play here. Personally, I think my penchant for long-haul weekends is a factor of two things:

  • I’m an ex-airline employee
  • I’ve been known to take a mileage run from time to time

Being the ex-airline guy in the group has impacted my views on travel. Those non-rev benefits were great, but I frequently found myself with only short periods of time off. I knew people that would take the first flight to Miami of the day, go lay on the beach all day, and take the last flight home. I may or may not have participated in such schemes from time to time. 🙂 For a few years, I traveled very frequently on company business with the airline. Fly to Zurich, arrive in the morning, work all day, sleep, fly home with the same crew that you had on the way over.

Now that my airline career is behind me, I’ve come to appreciate elite status with my favorite airline. I don’t do a lot of mileage running, but I don’t think much of a west coast turn with a quick stop at In-N-Out for good measure. I’ve not done an international mileage run because I haven’t had to….but that’s not to say I’d never do one. Seems like a fun idea for a reader poll on a Saturday morning. What’s your pain threshold for a weekend trip?

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