What is the etiquette when it comes to pyjamas or sleeper suits given out by airlines? Is it okay to wear another airline’s pyjamas when flying on an unrelated carrier or is that a total faux pas?

Certain airlines have been giving out sleepwear for years now. You can nab yourself some on overnight flights with airlines such as Qatar Airways and Qantas in business class. In first class, you receive them on airlines such as British Airways and Cathay Pacific.

Wearing Another Airline’s Pyjamas

One thing I have noticed about changing on board from jeans, t-shirt and jacket into airline pyjamas is how much more relaxing the flight is. Switching from constricting to loose clothing makes a vast difference for me when it comes to comfort.

Anyway, I had cause to fly with Cathay Pacific recently, and sleepwear is not issued on their flights in business class. Instead, I decided to wear a set given to me by Qatar Airways when I last flew business class with them.

Once the seat belt sign went off after take-off on each of the four flights I took with them, I headed straight to the toilet to change. This meant I had the Qatar Airways pyjamas on virtually the entire time. So what happened?

Nothing, nothing at all. The professional Cathay Pacific crews did not pass a single remark about my choice of sleepwear. They had ample opportunity to as well, but not a word.

Overall Thoughts

It appears there is no problem when you wear another airline’s pyjamas on a flight. I guess it makes no difference to anyone what you wear and you might as well be comfortable on board.

While I haven’t come across any other people doing the same thing, a quick look around online shows it is not uncommon. I’ll certainly be doing it again, though I can’t really see me wearing first class pyjamas when flying economy class!

Have you ever chosen to wear another airline’s pyjamas on an unrelated airline? Did you get any looks or comments from anyone? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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