I was leaving Las Vegas and remembered that there are 2 clubs for Priority Pass members at Harry Reid airport. They are both called The Club and the one I visited was in Terminal 1.

This club is up the escalator after the train. You turn right and it is near Gate D33 next to Tumi baggage store.




Not having my Priority Pass card with me wasn’t a problem. The lady said I just need my membership number, I found it on an email, the lady typed it in and voila, I was allowed entry.


a person entering a building with a luggage bag

This is the entrance hall. On the left are 2 entrances, they are 2 separate rooms before you get to the bigger area where the snacks are served.

This the first room, looks like a relaxing area with the lie down seats. Lamps for reading and a view of the apron too.

a person sitting on a couch in a room with a window

The second room down the hall. A more general sitting area with a tv and a coffee machine.

a room with chairs and tables

This is the area at the end of the passage on the left that has high dividers between sections, useful for noise dissipation.

a person sitting at a reception desk

Now this space is at the end of the passage. On the right is the high divider area, on the left is open plan space for sitting and behind me is the serving area.

a group of people sitting in chairs in a room with blue walls

Lettuce salad and a really nice broccoli and raisin salad.

a salad in bowls and bottles of sauce on a counter

More salad ingredients, tomato, peppers, cheese, carrots and other toppings.

a buffet with different types of food

This has become my favorite part of most airport lounges. The coffee machine that makes really delicious cappuccinos and lattes and other choices.

You put a mug in place, select your drink and it is ready in about a minute. Then maybe a little sugar and you are ready to enjoy a delicious treat.

a machine with a screen and a cup on it

This is the other cool area of the lounge. A nice size bar and it has all the regular drinks available, most at no charge.

a group of people sitting at a bar

You can also order from the table menu. Pictured here is my cappuccino and salad, and in the next picture is my vodka and tomato Florentine soup.

a bowl of soup and a glass of orange juice on a table


Ordering from the Table:

These are some of the pages that come up when you scan the barcode printed on the tag on the table.

The servers that brought me the drink and soup were lovely and helpful. One of the servers told people near me that the kitchen was understaffed so orders would take longer than expected. I had received my order in between 10 and 15 minutes which I thought was fine.

a collage of different foods a screenshot of a menu a screenshot of a menu


In conclusion it was a pleasant visit to The Club Lounge. As a Priority Pass lounge it is one of the more basic lounges but as a stopping off point while waiting for my flight it was great.

Coffee, salads, snacks, drinks were all good. The soup was great, I have found that the soups served at most lounges are really good and I will always try it at every lounge.

It is another of the Priority Pass lounges that I have encountered that is great for a stopover.