Emirates are introducing new cabins on their Boeing 777 fleet including the first virtual windows in the industry. First class, business class and economy class all have new products and they’re looking pretty good.

The new cabins will commence service from 1 December on flights to Geneva and Brussels. If you want to give them a try first, these are the places to go. Let’s check out the new cabins!

Virtual Windows In First Class

The most interesting thing to me are the virtual windows. First Class passengers in the middle suite will have a set of “windows” like everyone else, only theirs will show images from an outside camera. The featured picture at the top shows this. Let’s see some more!

Suites are now fully enclosed and feature a more contemporary colour scheme. It is a lot less ostentatious than before and it looks quite nice. Those wanting complete privacy will be delighted with a service hatch where crew can pass through food without the need to open the door to the suite.

Ample room is provided for passengers to get changed even after the bed has been made, saving people having to do this in the toilets. The picture above also shows the so called “zero-gravity” position which gives a feeling of relaxation and weightlessness apparently. Can anyone say gimmick?

Business Class Dreams

Business class retains its 7 abreast configuration and has also been completely refreshed. The design and shape has been inspired by a modern sports car.

Seats feature a 72 inch pitch and Emirates write they have several personal lighting options. I wonder what that means exactly as there can only be so many ways you can light a seat.

A personal mini bar at each seat, a much liked feature of the cabin on Emirates, continues with the new version. I think it is quite cool myself, even if I have never flown Emirates in my life!

Not Forgetting Economy Class

While it’s all virtual windows, service hatches and whiz bang personal lighting options for those up front, most of us will be sitting down the back. Happily, Emirates have not forgotten the majority of its customers.

The new colour palette is soft grey and blue which looks quite friendly. An adjustable leather headrest on each seat moves up and down and also has flexible side panels.

Screens are very generously sized which is what the passenger of today expects. It goes without saying that the seats are ergonomically designed as well, which ensures the most comfort while packed into the smallest space possible.

Overall Thoughts

While I have never had the pleasure of the current Emirates First Class, this new one sure looks amazing. I am looking forward to people road testing the new virtual windows. How will sunrise and sunset look? What about during the night, will it be like an iPhone camera and show nothing at all, or will you be able to see the lights passing by below? I wonder!

Now that you have seen the pictures, what do you think? Have Emirates hit it out of the park on this one or is it just an evolution of what came before? Thanks for reading and please leave your comments or questions below.

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All images via Emirates.