Virgin Hotels Brand Opening Downtown San Francisco Hotel in Summer 2017

Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin brand announced the next location of Virgin Hotels.  In summer 2017, Virgin Hotels will open its second hotel in Downtown San Francisco.  The first location located in Downtown Chicago has been widely successful and received multiple awards for service.  Virgin Hotels first opened in 2015.

The hotel will open ahead of previously announced locations in Nashville, Palm Springs, Silicon Valley, Dallas, and New York City.  Virgin Hotels San Francisco will be located at 261 4th Street in Downtown San Francisco.  The new location will feature 196 suites and rooms, restaurants, bars, and a Common’s Club.  The first common’s club was featured at Virgin Hotels Chicago.  Additionally, the property will feature a rooftop bar and coffee shop.

(Image: Virgin Group)

(Image: Virgin Group)

Construction Nearing Completion

If you go to 261 4th Street in San Francisco, CA, you’ll see the foundation of the new Virgin Hotel.  Only a few floors and some support beams are visible.  This images, however, was taken in June 2016.

Screenshot 2017-02-28 13.20.28

An image taken by Brock Kneeling of Curbed San Francisco shows the future hotel well underway.  It appears as if the hotel is topped off and interior work has begun.  The facade features a glass exterior.

Great Location for Virgin Brand

San Francisco, aside from being one of the top cities for techies and hipsters, is the hometown for another Virgin brand, Virgin America.  Sir Richard Branson noted the significance of having the next Virgin Hotel located in Virgin America’s hometown.

We’re truly excited to be bringing Virgin Hotels to San Francisco. The dynamic, forward-thinking city embodies so much of what Virgin stands for – and we’ve already enjoyed a long love affair with the Bay Area, as the home of our US airline, Virgin America. -Sir Richard Branson

Branson’s statement is spot on and does a great job of explaining why a Virgin Hotel makes so much sense in San Fransisco.

As a noted Virgin America and Virgin brand fanboy, I’m super excited to see the fantastic progress Virgin Hotels is making.  Whenever I visit Chicago, I always try to book a room at the Virgin Hotel Chicago.  The service is outstanding the rooms are beyond comfortable.  I can’t wait for the property to open and I certainly plan on booking a room at the hotel.

Full Review of the Virgin Hotel Chicago: Virgin Hotels Chicago Review

As of February 28th, 2017, the Virgin Hotel San Francisco is slated to open this summer.


As I noted above, this is a fantastic addition for Virgin Hotels.  Virgin Hotels is a truly groundbreaking and unique brand that is guest oriented.  It’s interesting to note that this property was only recently announced though is the next Virgin Hotel to open.  Virgin Hotels announced Nashville and Dallas more than a year ago, however, those properties aren’t expected to open until 2018 and 2019.  To add to the excitement, the Virgin brand also confirmed that they’re exploring properties in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Seattle, Washington DC, and London.

What do you think of Virgin’s decision to open their next hotel in San Francisco?  Do you plan on booking a stay at the Virgin Hotel San Francisco?