Virgin America First Class Fares from $169, Main Cabin Select from $149!

Virgin America First Class

Virgin America First Class

One thing I really love about Virgin America (aside from the mood-lighting, amazing first class product, and friendly crew) is the frequency in which Virgin America marks down its premium cabins.  Virgin America marks its two premium cabins, Main Cabin Select and First Class, down significantly at various times throughout the year.  Usually these premium cabin sales are held during the holiday travel season and during off-peak weeks.  To my surprise I awoke to discover that Virgin America is having a major sale on premium class fares.

I thought it was pretty odd that Virgin America was having a sale during peak season for air travel.  Typically, airlines across the U.S. mark up fares (significantly) anticipating a surge of travelers looking for a summer escape.  Virgin America has done the opposite and has gone ahead and significantly slashed prices on premium cabin fares from July 12th until August 24th.

From Virgin America

“Sit pretty in First Class or Main Cabin Select with fares from $149 one way. Indulge in complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment. Book now to fly between July 12 and August 24. Restrictions apply.”

Surprisingly, these sale fares (especially in Main Cabin Select) are fairly widespread.  These sale fares are also available throughout the week though, your best bet of finding these sale fares are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Here are a few sample fares;

  • Seattle to San Francisco; Main Cabin Select $149, First Class $219
  • Dallas-Love Field to Los Angeles; Main Cabin Select  $169, First Class $329
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles; Main Cabin Select $349, First Class $749


Again, your best bet in finding these sale fares is to search for flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.  Main Cabin Select is nothing like American’s Main Cabin Extra or Delta’s EconomyComfort—Main Cabin Select is in a league of its own.  First Class on Virgin America is also an exceptional one-of-a-kind experience.  These fares expire on June 23rd.  You must travel between July 12th and August 24th which is a fairly large window.

I personally booked a ticket on Virgin America’s new Denver to San Francisco route in First Class for $249 which is typically priced around $369 or $409.  Keep in mind that these fares offer no flexibility and if your goal is to earn miles, Virgin America is strictly revenue based so cheap fares mean less points.