What continues to surprise me when flying is the amount of people who decide to sleep on a day flight. All it means is a lot of window blinds closed and completely missing the gorgeous views.

Recently I had the pleasure of flying from Hong Kong to London on a 9:45am departure. Not long after take-off, almost the entire cabin was in darkness as people watched movies and slept. Me? I noticed something out the window.

Views of China Passing By

Periodically peeking out the windows, I spotted that the cloud cover was breaking and mountains were coming into view. I was in for a pleasant surprise really.

The further we flew along our route, the more interesting it became. These mountains were pretty high, because they didn’t seem to be too far below us at all.

Soon I could spy signs of human habitation in the valleys, where you could see farmland neatly laid out. Wondering where I was, I turned to the inflight map to try to pin that down.

Turns out we were somewhere over China, flying pretty much north with mountain ranges to our left. For some reason Jiangtang is in my head but I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Getting a drink from the galley, I mentioned it to the cabin crew who had a look out the door window. They were pleasantly surprised at the views themselves, judging by the look on their faces!

Eventually we passed by and headed back into a cloudy area. At this point, I stopped being “that guy” and closed my window blinds as well and settled in to a movie.

Overall Thoughts

Whatever happened to the wonder and awe at the miracle of flight? The views that people are missing by going straight to sleep during the day or having their heads in their entertainment system are many.

Some of my favourite memories of flying are the views you get along the way. Flying at midnight somewhere over the Persian Gulf and seeing the light of the oil refineries for example. It’s all so very interesting!

Should passengers on flights keep the blinds closed on day flights? What memorable views have you seen when flying? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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