This summer from a status match, I was able to get Wynn Rewards Platinum. This comes with a $150 Birthday Dinner Credit, and Wing Lei has been on my lists of restaurants to try in Las Vegas, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity. Wing Lei is the first Chinese restaurant in North America to earn a Michelin star and has been awarded the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star. The restaurant serves Cantonese, Shanghai and Szechuan flavors.

I made reservations about a month before for my mom and me, and they weren’t too hard to come across, even for the Saturday before Christmas.

Wing Lei is open for dinner Thursday to Monday from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM (10:30 PM on Friday and Saturday). They are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Using the Credit:

To use the credit, you just have to stop by the Wynn Rewards desk prior to your meal, and they will activate it for you. It took only a minute or so, and the rewards representative said it was all loaded on my card. I just gave my rewards card to our waiter at the end of the meal, and he was able to apply the credit.

The Meal:

The restaurant is beautiful, with fancy gold accents.

a plate with a gold rim and a gold rim on a table with a green glass and a silverware

Table Setting

Our meal started off with a chrysanthemum tea cleanse. It was nice and light.

a tray of tea cups and glasses on a table

Complimentary Chrysanthemum Tea

a small white bowl with a piece of food on it

Shrimp Ball Amuse Bouche

Additionally, they provided a small amuse bouche which was a shrimp ball. It was quite mushy and lukewarm, so definitely not the highlight of my meal.

a glass with liquid in it

Lychee Blossom Martini ($17)

I got the Lychee Blossom Martini and it was amazing. Highly recommend!

Wing Lei

Garden Dim Sum ($21.88) and Alaskan King Crab Salad ($24.88)

For appetizers, we tried the Garden Dim Sum and the Alaskan King Crab Salad. We enjoyed the salad, as the crab and avocado went well together. It was a tad bit too sour if I had to be picky, but it was a decent appetizer. The Garden Dim Sum was probably my least favorite dish out of our whole meal. The wrappers were quite soggy and didn’t taste too great.

Wing Lei

Garlic Beef Tenderloin ($52.88)

For one of our main dishes, we tried the beef tenderloin. I thought the beef was of good quality, and the dish was very comforting. If I had to be picky, it was a bit light for my tastes, and I normally hate things that are heavy/salty, but the beef tenderloin could have used a tiny bit more flavor. But overall, a solid dish!

a bowl of food on a plate

Three Cup Sea Bass ($46.88)

Our second main dish was the three cup sea bass and this was my favorite dish. The hints of garlic, basil and soy sauce were delectable. The only negative was that some of the smaller pieces ended up being too caramelized, which made that specific piece too sweet and dry at the same time. The larger filet pieces were great though.

Side note: we also ordered a white rice on the side, and it was solid. I expected it to be good since we were at a fancy Chinese restaurant, but hey you never know! I tried Mr. Chow at Caesars Palace earlier this summer, and the rice was pretty disappointing…

a plate of food on a table

Mango Ginger Pear Cake ($16.88)

For dessert we tried the Mango cake. Unfortunately, the cake was a bit too sweet and sour for my liking. I would definitely opt to try a different dessert if I revisit it the restaurant.


The service was attentive, but could have used some work. Both of the tables around me were celebrating their birthdays and both received a candle and cute birthday decoration on their dessert. Despite them asking if I was celebrating my birthday upon arrival, and the fact I was using my birthday dinner credit, no acknowledgement was given to me. I didn’t want to ask for it as it would be petty, but they should definitely improve on that.

The Verdict:

Overall, I had a solid experience in trying out Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas. It was cool to try out the first Chinese restaurant in North America to earn a Michelin star. The ambiance was very nice, and the food was solid. While it does cost a pretty penny, I may consider trying Wing Lei again for perhaps a special occasion.


Have you tried Wing Lei at the Wynn before? What were your thoughts? Comment below!




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