People who travel frequently generally find access to an airline lounge to be quite useful. It’s by far my favourite perk of having status with my airline.

Chilling out in a nice space before flight starts a holiday or business trip nicely. Frequent flyer programmes offer lots of other advantages, but which one is the most useful?

Is This The Most Useful Benefit?

One of my favourite benefits is fast-track security. This saves a stack of time, meaning I can leave home later and breeze through the whole security experience in a stress free manner.

It is particularly handy at busy times in the airport, such as early in the morning or throughout the high season. Avoiding the queues of once a year travellers, often with children in tow, is excellent.

Or Maybe This Is The Most Useful?

The other perk I particularly enjoy is free seat selection at the time of booking. I’m a creature of habit and I like to sit in certain seats on certain flights.

Also, this saves me real money, as without status I would have to pay for the seats if I wanted to choose before I fly. Considering this is a total win for me, I think this could edge out security as my favourite.

Overall Thoughts

Other perks such as extra baggage are not useful to me at all. Travelling light is something I’ve learned over the years, so being able to bring two or three pieces at 32kg each is not something for me.

Business class check-in when travelling in economy is certainly appreciated. That said, I only use it on long-haul flights as usually I check-in online and take hand luggage for short-haul.

What benefits are the most useful to you apart from lounge access? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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