Sticking with one airline is handy as you get to know how an airline operates when it comes to ticket pricing. British Airways sometimes offer cheap upgrades to business class, so playing upgrade roulette has its advantages.

In this instance, I did a lot of slicing and dicing of flight combinations to try to eke out the best value for me. It has paid off but not so much that it is a huge saving, as you will see.

Upgrade Roulette – The Story

I have to fly from Dublin to Sofia one way, and booking it straight up comes out at €272. Knowing the pricing reduces when bought as a return ticket, adding an economy class return brings the total price down to €255.

Upgrade offers generally only pop up when you have one flight each way. Connections, such as Dublin to London to Sofia, won’t bring up a reduced price offer on any of the segments.

Therefore, I booked one way Dublin to London in Euro Traveller for €14.08, and one way from London to Sofia for £40.77. That is a grand total of €62.69. Of course, I am quite happy to fly in economy, so I was not going to be upset if there was no option to upgrade.

The other thing to know is that the segments price up at €69 and £114 when booked as part of a return trip. That is just a data point, as of course, I’m only going one way.

The Offer

Logging in to manage my booking brought up offers on both segments. The Dublin to London offer is €69, which would bring the total for me to €83.08. As the one way price is €120, that is a nice saving of €36.92.

For London to Sofia, the offer is not quite as good, being £99, which would bring the total to £139.77. With the one way cost at £163, it is a saving of £23.23.

So we’re not talking big bucks here by any means. It does come up slightly more than the segment pricing as part of a return. The Dublin to London is €69 (versus €83.08 for me), and London to Sofia is £114 (£139.77). Of course, I am not booking a return, so it’s a moot point.

All in, if I accept the offer, it would be €246. That is a €26 saving overall versus the €272 one way business class pricing, or €9 if I had bought one way in Club Europe and return in Euro Traveller.

Overall Thoughts

Playing upgrade roulette with British Airways does result in a saving. In this instance, it’s not exactly earth shattering value and you have to wonder whether it was worth all the time for a total saving of €26 or €9.

Even so, a saving is a saving, since it is still the exact same flight. Some of the saving is lost as UK air passenger duty, which you avoid on a connecting ticket, comes into play when commencing in London. Despite this, you can make some real savings on some tickets, especially when upgrading on long haul.

Have you taken advantage of upgrade offers on British Airways? Which is the best one you’ve had? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alan Wilson via Wikimedia Commons.