I needed a flight from LAX-DEN to attend the mini-BAcon conference last month! I also decided to double up and make this a cool friend trip, so I brought my two friends along. In my other post, I mentioned I paid $15 to avoid United Basic Economy so my ticket price came up to $71 for this one way flight.

Flight Details:

United Airlines Flight 750
Los Angeles (LAX) to Denver (DEN)
Seat: 24A- Window- Economy
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Scheduled Departure: 6:00 PM
Actual Departure: On Time
Scheduled Arrival: 9:24 PM
Arrival to Gate: On Time

The Flight:


The plane had nice new leather cushions which I appreciated! There was no seat-back entertainment however, but they did have wifi and stream to your device! The legroom was fine for a 2 hr flight, and my friends felt the seat was decently comfortable.

Service was sufficient, nothing special but not bad either. I do like how they gave the whole can of soda during beverage service!

Is United Just “Nice” Or Is There A Glitch

I could text using iMessage on the wifi without paying for wifi? Many airlines like Delta and American have a “Messaging Pass” to use iMessage for like $3. But on United its FREE?! Is this a glitch or is United offering it free?

A major plus to be able to send iMessage’s free! 🙂

In terms of in flight entertainment, you could stream to your device for free, and there was a decent selection of movies! Wifi wasn’t a horrible price, $8.99 for the whole flight.


The Verdict:

Overall, not the worst way to fly, especially for a short hop. If the price is good, I would fly United again.


Happy travels,