Too often I take Uber’s for granted. Cheap and easy. No more hailing a cab, or having to rummage through your pockets for loose change to pay the driver. Just call Uber on the app, one and done. Enter the car, chit chat for awhile, leave and say thank you. Easy. And it often times is substantially cheaper than a taxi.

Berlin Uber’s:

Sadly, as I was getting used to calling Uber’s everywhere in Vienna and Prague, I did not have the same experience with Berlin Uber’s.

First off the Uber X rides are hard to find. Many times it says “No Cars Available”. I resorted to using Uber when it was raining, when I found a Uber X trip from the Potsdamer Platz to the Waldorf Astoria Berlin. It was only a 3 mile ride, and took exactly 11 minutes. The cost? 18 EUR. It was raining, and surge was 1.3x. Even without surge, 14 EUR for 3 miles and 11 minutes is quite expensive!! An equivalent ride in Vienna would only cost 5-6 EUR.

My taxi ride from the Waldorf Astoria to Tegel Airport was 5.5 miles and took 20 minutes. Even that taxi was only 17 EUR. And it was longer!

The reason my Uber was so expensive in Berlin is because Uber X is contracted through a professional service, as Uber is not allowed to operate in Berlin due to laws on drivers being licensed. I did not try out “Uber Taxi” which is basically just Uber finding you a licensed taxi.


Anyone have expensive Uber stories to share? Or Uber experiences in Berlin?


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