The Illinois legislator will NOT override the previous veto of the Uber bill, curbing Chicago Uber.

Back in August, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn vetoed House Bill 4075, also known as the “Uber bill,” and House Bill 5331, which contained related ridesharing regulations.

HB 4075 would have imposed statewide regulations on commercial ridesharing and prevented local governments across Illinois from adopting rules that fit their respective communities. In other words, taking the regulatory power away from local governments (home rule power), shifting regulation to the state level.

Read more here: Illinois Gov Vetos “Uber Bill”, Chicago Keeps Regulation Powers

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Uber Illinois Safe From First Legislative Battle

Today, Uber has declared ANOTHER victory in Illinois as HB 4075 will not longer be viable in this round of Illinois legislation (the 98th General Assembly, to be specific).

According to Uber’s annoucement:

uberX launched in Illinois only a short 18 months ago and since then, thousands of driver partners have moved hundreds of thousands of riders. Now, thanks to YOU, and the Illinois House of Representatives, uberX and rideshare can keep moving forward!

The fight against HB 4075—the bill designed to halt ridesharing—has finally ended. The bill will not be passed, and Illinois lawmakers now have the opportunity to pass smart legislation that protects safety and preserves consumer choice.

Every petition signature, tweet, email, and call you made over the past 8 months helped make this happen. You were with us every step of the way, and your voice is what matters most. We are grateful for your support of Uber in Illinois and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Humbly yours,
Uber Illinois

Supports of ridesharing operations in Illinois point to figures like these:
– $192,000,000 in economic impact for the City of Chicago in 2014
– 500 new Chicago headquarters jobs to be added by the end of 2016 (see here)
– 2,900 full-time equivalent jobs created in 2014
– 95% of uberX partners live in neighborhoods and suburbs underserved by taxis

Nevertheless, expect the Bill’s sponsors to return during the next legislation session with a new proposal for statewide regulation.

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