There is nothing like a good dose of standard security to make you appreciate TSA PreCheck. I have to admit it, I knew that I would not get PreCheck when departing Colorado Springs this morning, but I did not expect my first non PreCheck experience in a long time to be so, well… annoying. Don’t get me wrong, the TSA personnel I interacted with were nothing but polite and professional. It’s just that I have gotten a little out of shape, if you will, with the standard security process.

What do I mean? I was packed like a guy who wasn’t going to need to take any laptops (I was traveling with two this weekend) out of his bag, remove his belt, shoes, or 3-1-1 bag, all of which, of course, needed to be done. At least I remembered not to wear lace-up shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I got through the metal detector without alarming, I was sent to secondary for a hand swab because I wear an insulin pump, another thing I’ve gotten used to living without. I never really minded the hand swab, but I had definitely become accustomed to not getting the extra treatment when using PreCheck.

In the end, I got through security just fine, but it certainly took a lot longer than I was used to. This experience served as a good reminder of how much I appreciate the time savings and convenience offered by TSA PreCheck. You can learn more about PreCheck here.

-MJ, May 13, 2013