One of the seven deadly sins is gluttony and as one who likes their food, I really have to be careful I don’t overindulge. When staying at the Kimpton Schofield in Cleveland recently, I decided I would eat breakfast daily at Betts, the restaurant attached to the hotel.

Rather than finding something I liked and sticking to it, I elected to try a new item each morning. Since I had seven mornings to play with, I managed to get through quite a lot of the menu.

The Menu

Happily there are more than seven dishes available on the menu at Betts. That meant I would have a little bit of choice during my breakfast odyssey.

Service was always good apart from one morning where they must have forgotten me. My meal was comped that day at their behest, as I essentially waited 45 minutes after ordering my food to arrive. The rest of the time I was served very quickly, so that was an anomaly.

Seven Betts Breakfasts

My server for a few of the mornings was a lady who strongly reminded me of the actress Archie Panjabi, who played Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife. She was also really lovely, efficient and friendly, so it was nice to have a familiar face each day. Now, to the breakfasts!

Needless to say, having such a filling breakfast each morning at Betts meant I could really have a very light lunch. At home I usually have light meals until dinner when I go hog wild, so this just moved it around a bit.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed exploring the breakfast menu at Betts. They seemed to do fairly good business, as there were always many other tables filled, though it was never full.

I’m heading back to Cleveland again soon and I’ll be stopping in for a favourite or two, if I’m up early enough for breakfast. It’s always great to find somewhere that does decent food.

Do you have any go-to restaurants when you travel to a city on a regular basis? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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