It’s been an incredible year of air service for our little local airport. We went from one airline at the beginning of the year to a total of four carriers serving Arcata-Eureka (ACV). Yesterday marked the inaugural aha! flight, the first by a brand new airline that has a business model similar to Avelo Airlines by serving regional airports from a smaller-than-normal hub airport. In aha!’s case, they’re decided to make Reno-Tahoe their base.

I’m glad to see we pulled out all the stops for aha!. Arriving passengers on Tuesday’s inaugural flight were given the most Humboldt greeting ever.

Bigfoot Comes Out of Hiding for aha!

If there are three things Humboldt County, California is known for, they are: the coastal redwoods, cannabis, and bigfoot. Probably in that order. We offer the Bigfoot Museum in the tiny community of Willow Creek, located about 45 minutes inland from our coast (and airport). Turns out our most elusive local came out to greet the arriving aha! passengers. Didn’t know he’d be this excited about a new flight. Or that he even knew what an airplane is. We have a lot to learn about the giant, hairy hominid.

Fly Humboldt aha! Bigfoot welcome

Photo from Fly Humboldt Facebook post.

Final Thoughts

I’m hoping to catch a flight on aha! very soon. I was bummed due to my personal schedule to not make the inaugural flight to Reno, but I’m sure I’ll do a quick there-and-back hop within the month. Fares are incredibly low, starting at just $49 one-way on many aha! routes. If you’re unfamiliar with the new West Coast startup, check out their route map and flight information on their website.