I routinely review my Google Analytics data for a lot of reasons. Page views matter, but among the most interesting bits of data to me are the search terms that bring readers to the blog. On a daily basis, someone usually visits looking for information on traveling with diabetes. Further, it seems that I frequently read articles about some individual having an issue with TSA screening and their medical conditions, including diabetes. While I readily admit to being annoyed with the totality of the TSA experience from time to time, I can honestly say I have never had a negative personal interaction with any TSA agent. Yep, I said that.

Given the interest in the topic, I’m going to launch a four-part series on traveling with diabetes. I will write from the perspective of a traveling insulin pumper for over 15 years. While I no longer routinely use syringes, and multiple types of insulin, I haven’t forgotten my time with a 75 percent travel job, worldwide travel, and managing injection schedules, etc., so I will bring a little of that in too. What I write is in no way meant to replace the advice of your physician or improve upon what you are already comfortable doing. I’m simply looking to share some tips that have worked well for me with the goal of helping people with diabetes travel well too. And hopefully, we’ll generate some discussion and share ideas.

Traveling with Diabetes – The Basics

Traveling with Diabetes – No Sweat Security

Traveling with Diabetes – Cruise Specifics

Traveling with Diabetes – Insulin Pumper Specifics

-MJ, May 25, 2013

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