It is important to always map the hotel on Google. I nearly booked a hotel, that was relatively close to the city, but extremely far on Google maps.

I was looking at hotel stays in Seattle. As a Platinum Elite member of Marriott Bonvoy, I invariably default to Marriott properties.  As I searched for a reasonable hotel for my stay, I came across the following options:

a screenshot of a web page

I looked at my three options, and thought, excellent. 14 miles away, I see a Fairfield Inn with a 4.4* rating. Although I am never a big fan of Fairfield Inn, for my purpose, it did a fantastic job. I was going to check-in at 11pm. Check-out at 6am. There was no need for a club lounge, breakfast, early check-in or late check-out. This was an ideal stay to not care about any elite as long as the hotel is cheap and at a reasonable location.

I just had one question. Nobody I spoke with had never heard of Bremerton. It was important to know how far Bremerton was from Redmond, Bellevue and Everett. I checked Google Maps, and was alarmed at the real location:

a map of a road

Uhhh… no. Yes, I am sure the hotel is 14 miles away from Seattle. But that is, as the bird flies. Not as my car drives.


I thought I knew the city of Seattle very well. It turns out, I do know the city of Seattle very well, but very little about Washington State. I am glad I caught the error before I booked. For trips like this, I typically book well within the cancellation deadline. Despite the good reviews of the Fairfield, I am confident they would not have provided free cancellation on their reservation had I called them past midnight asking them to cancel, since the hotel is just too far from Seattle.