We love to travel as a family, and I don’t think anyone loves it as much as I do. As a working mom who traveled two to three weeks to Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia, you can imagine how much I look forward to vacation with my family. However, as much as we travel, I am yet to purchase a travel luggage for my child. My daughter is well over 8 years old and started traveling consistently at age 2. I was put off by the famous Disney-character luggage on the market and other similar ones that were either too pink, too green or simply look distasteful. So, I opted for whatever we already have in storage.

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I would pack her clothes and items with mine or essentially use the carry-on as her luggage while I use the regular-sized luggage. As you can imagine, this was not helpful when we landed in Marrakesh without our checked-in luggage from Paris. I really wanted to bring two carry-on along for this journey, but the only stylish and matching luggage we had were the regular and carry-on size.

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Earlier this week, Away launched a new product line for smaller travelers. It’s called Kids’ Carry-On – the perfect companion for the smaller traveler. I am on the fence about purchasing this for my daughter, however at $195, it seems like a reasonable price to pay for a stylish and modern carry-on. But is it worth it? It has the same thoughtful design as their grown-up Carry-Ons (with a built-in battery and unbreakable shell), just scaled for smaller travelers. They do come with colorful linings, a laundry bag as well as the ability to personalize them with beautiful accessories sold on their website as well. However, is this really necessary? Is it possible that a Carry-On is simply enough for any child?

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One could argue that with the Kids’ Carry-On standing at 31 inches vs. the average Carry-On at 41 inches, this kids’ version is simply a workable size for the child. I can picture my daughter confidently maneuvering her Kids’ Carry-On without my help, and since everything has its own place, she can successfully put her dirty laundry away, as well as charge her iPad as needed when we are stuck at an airport.

Would you purchase a Kids’ Carry-On for your child at any point? Is the Away Kids Carry-on worth the price tag?

PS: All images are from the Away website, and were accessed on 9/13/2017