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News and stories were moving thick and fast this month. Daily Getaways are almost over. Were you able to snag one of the deals? Here’s a recap of what we covered in the world of travel this month on The Points Pundit. Again, a huge thanks to our growing community of readers and supporters who read and comment on this blog.

News, Deals and Reports from this Month


Is this the (scary) future of airplane seating?

Is Economy slim going to be the future? Airlines are looking to cram in more seats as they look to boost their revenue even more.

Counterpoint: Daily Getaways are a waste of time

Our monthly column Counterpoint makes the argument that Daily Gateways aren’t really worth your time. While the deals are still good, the quantities offered make it almost impossible to actually buy any of those deals. Most deals sell out within a few minutes.

I called Amex’s retention department: Here’s what happened…

My experience when I called in to check if there were any offers available on my Amex Gold card. Once your card comes up for renewal, it’s always prudent to check for retention offers.

The only hotel chain that ‘loves’ Third party (OTA) bookings

While most of the industry is moving in one direction, there’s one that’s apparently bucking the trend. Hotels always want you to book directly with them, barring one. That’s surely making news!

You may have top tier elite status, but…

A detailed account of my experience at the Hilton Playa del Carmen. While the service was fantastic, there was a lot of confusion about which elite benefits were available.

Should you stay at a hotel or an AirBnB?

When you travel next, would you book at hotel or an AirBnB? Which choice are most American travelers making?

Is this the next low cost carrier to fly to Europe?

Another low carrier expresses its ambitions to launch to Europe. It could be a great way to open up the market in India further, especially after the demise of Jet Airways.

Amex Airline Credit Data points

Recent data points about what’s currently working on the airline fee credit, primarily focusing on Delta as the airline selected.

How to decide which credit card you should apply for…

Are you looking to apply for a credit card just for the miles or a few benefits? How do you decide which one you should apply to?

500 Hyatt points for enrolling in paperless

Hyatt’s offering 500 bonus points for enrolling in paperless statement.

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